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Seeking a deep discount on Nicole’s tinctures? Our Wholesale Bundle is for you! It includes every product in our apothecary line: 15 herbal tinctures, plus two herbal salves.


Dual-Extracted Tinctures

Single Herb Tinctures

  • Lemon Balm -  Anxiety Relief, Calming Effect, ADHD, Anti-Viral (Herpes)
  • Stinging Nettle -  Allergies, Inflammation, Circulation
  • Yarrow  Anti-Bacterial, Fever Reducer
  • Yerba Santa -  Colds, Decongestant, Dries up Mucus, Expectorant, Flu, Sinus

Herbal Blend Tinctures

Tap on the product name above to learn more about the benefits of each herbal remedy.


*Please note: Our Wholesale Bundle is excluded from all promotions and discounts.

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