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Potent natural medicine

Tinctures are assimilated much more readily than other forms of medicinal herbs. Since tinctures are absorbed directly through the mouth and stomach wall, they bypass the digestive process and are quickly drawn into the bloodstream. In fact, it only takes about 5 minutes for the extract to assimilate.

Tinctures also offer flexible dosing with the ability to easily increase or decrease the amount taken to find the best therapeutic fit—unlike teas, tablets, or capsules. Nutrient uptake is maximized with tinctures as well. Depending on preference and taste, tinctures can be taken straight or diluted in tea, juice, or water.

Another advantage of herbal extracts is that they are virtually indestructible when stored in a well-sealed container. The alcohol preserves the active compounds by eliminating any microorganisms that may have been introduced into the extract. Incredibly, alcohol-based tinctures can last for up to seven years.

Dual Extraction

All tinctures are not the same

The Gold Standard

Spagyric Extraction Method

Tinctures that employ the spagyric method are highly energized and concentrate the full medicinal properties, nutrients, and enzymes of the botanical. Instead of simply capturing one aspect of the plant, this method ensures the tincture integrates all the synergistic elements.

Spagyric tinctures are non-toxic, gentle, and pleasant tasting. All my tinctures utilize this innovative process along with alcohol extraction. My mushroom and lichen tinctures take it one step further and employ an additional water extraction method to create the highest potency available. 

Fruiting Bodies

Superior Medicinal Mushroom Tinctures

However, there is another option that uses only the fruiting bodies of the mushroom without fillers or mycelium. The mushrooms are cultivated in a manner that is time and labor-intensive, but that ultimately yields a superior medicinal product. Here at Nicole's Apothecary, we only use the mushroom fruiting body. This creates the most potent extract available. Fruiting body extracts contain 30 to 40 percent beta-glucans, compared to mycelium extracts, which typically have only 5 to 7 percent. These compounds are known to boost and regulate the immune system, improve glucose tolerance, support heart health, and more. In short, if you are seeking the most potent medicinal mushroom extract, tinctures that utilize the whole fruiting mushroom body are essential.

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