Nicole's Apothecary Mushroom FOURtress Bundle

Nicole's Essentials

Mushroom Fourtress

Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, and Turkey Tail Mushroom tinctures are vital components of Nicole's daily MS support regimen.

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With a background in ethnobotany and a passion for natural wellness, herbalist Nicole Apelian, Ph.D. began making her herbal salves and infusions in 2012. She shares these natural preparations with the hope that they will support your well-being as they have her own.

All of our apothecary herbs are organically grown, gluten and GMO-free, cruelty-free, and all products are made in the USA.

First Aid
All-Purpose Salve
Nicole never leaves home without her All-Purpose Salve. Small enough to keep in a pocket or purse, she uses this balm on everything from cuts and bites to chapped lips and rashes.
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Daily Support

Warrior Bundle

Interested in what Nicole uses every day? Try our Warrior Bundle for Nicole's daily herbs. Includes the 3 mushroom tinctures she takes daily as well as Balanced Gut Tincture and her Travel Pack. Bundle and save!

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Testimonial | Gabriela M.


As with any product you try for the first time, I began taking the mushrooms tinctures with a bit of trepidation. I ordered the (Mushroom) FOURtress Bundle in hopes that it will help me with Fibromyalgia symptoms and RA.

About a week before ordering this tinctures bundle, I started having pain in my maxilla, mandibula and in my eye. All on the left side. This disease is nicknamed the suicide disease, and for good reason; Trigeminal Neuralgia pain drives you insane. As I started taking the mushrooms tinctures, I suddenly realized the pain in my face, eye and year subsided and eventually went away completely.

I want to warn you about something. When I finished them, I looked for and purchased the same tinctures from other merchants because they costed a bit less than Nicole's. I started taking them in the same dose, but, surprise, the pain started coming back. I increased the dose a couple of times and finally they started working. So, please don't go elsewhere for a "better price". You have nothing to gain since they are not as potent as Nicole's. Of course I returned to her products. Please read the extraction method she uses and you will understand why her products are more potent.

Our Methods

Extracting the Full Spectrum of Benefits

Learn about our dual and spagyric extraction processes, and why Nicole has selected these methods for select herbal and mushroom tinctures.

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