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In 2000 I received a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

I followed my doctor’s advice and took a variety of prescription medications. By 2002 I was walking with a cane and almost completely bed bound with fatigue and weakness. Finally I decided to take charge of my own health. Over time, I crafted my own holistic wellness plan that I still follow, which includes my Warrior Bundle and Mushroom FOURtress for autoimmunity. Today I am thriving and my MS has stopped progressing. Nothing gives me greater joy than sharing with others how they too can regain their health and lead vibrant lives in spite of whatever health challenges they face both mentally and physically, including autoimmune issues. 

Highest Quality

Why work with me?

What makes my products superior?

  • I use a double-extraction process in both water and alcohol to access the full spectrum of medicinal compounds in mushrooms and lichens.

  • All tinctures are produced using a Spagyric Extraction Method. This unique process applies pressure and heat to the spent herb, which creates a tincture that embodies the complete range of intracellular minerals and plant cell salts. 

  • I only use the mushroom fruiting body, which creates the most potent extract available. Fruiting body extracts contain 30 to 40 percent beta-glucans, compared to mycelium extracts, which typically have only 5 to 7 percent. As immunomodulators, these compounds are known to both boost and regulate the immune system, improve glucose tolerance, support heart health, and more. 

  • In addition to medicinal mushroom products for autoimmunity and other health issues, we offer herbal tinctures for allergies, anxiety & stress, brain health, leaky gut, bronchial issues, and more, as well as a topical salve for wounds/rashes/bites, and one for joints, movement, pain, and inflammation.

Competitive Commission

20% on all products

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