Mushroom Trio

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Mushroom Trio

Formulated with three potent adaptogenic botanicals, our Mushroom Trio bundle contains dual-extracted, fruiting body tinctures of Lion’s Mane, Reishi, and Turkey Tail. Each mushroom has unique, research-backed benefits that include: lowering inflammation, modulating the immune system, fighting viral and bacterial infections, improving cognitive function, stimulating Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), inhibiting cancer, easing the stress response, boosting energy, lessening brain fog, and managing blood sugar. 

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Supplement Facts

Bottle Size 1oz/30ml and 2oz/60ml 
Suggested Use

Shake well before using. Use as needed up to 3x a day.

Serving Size 1-2 dropperfuls (~1-2ml) 
Servings Per Container 30-60 


Proprietary Blend 1ml
Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus), Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor or Coriolus versicolor)

Other Ingredients
Purified Water, Organic Ethanol (35%)

Product Development
Double-extracted in alcohol and water (unless otherwise specified), and then the spagyric method is used to extract the full spectrum of compounds.

All herbs are either wild-harvested or organically grown.

Non-GMO and Vegan

Reported uses for this product are not FDA approved, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

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I absolutely love these mushroom products..I have also bought all of Nicole's books..

MS be gone!!!!

I was diagnosed with MS in 2000 and have struggled with relapse and brain for for years. I have been to MANY neurologists and taken MANY different treatment that I have had reactions to. The drugs either didn’t work or gave me nearly fatal allergic reaction. I have tried to control symptom through diet and exercise but it simply wasn’t cutting it. Then to top it all off I got COVID. When I got Covid I was sick for three weeks, nothing seemed to help the symptoms and pain and brain fog set in and never left. Even though I couldn’t eat I gained 10 lbs and my body felt stiff and unfamiliar. My Doctor said “welcome to long COVID there is nothing we can do”!!!
Then a friend told me about Nicole. I bought the classes, bought the books and began my journey. I purchased the mushroom trio and was shocked at the transformation! This is exactly what my body needed! My energy returned, my pain levels are down, my brain fog is beginning to lift and I am so very hopeful for a bright future and a full return to the REAL me that I thought was lost.
Today I am ordering all the products for my son who stuggles with severe ADHD, anxiety disorder and sensory disorder. He has struggled with finding meds that work consistently and without side effects. So giving the natural way a try and I will keep you posted!
Thanks Nicole for sharing with us so we can be better too!


I love that it is saving my life but I am on disability and can't afford it

Katrina F.
they're helping my long Covid and other ailments

I've been dealing with long Covid and several other health issues for which there are no sure-shot cures. When I discovered Nicole and her approach to MS on the TV show "Alone," I had to learn more. I Googled her, found her books and apothecary offerings, and decided to start with a purchase of Lion's Mane and Turkey Tail. I have since added Reishi to the mix, and I take 40 drops of each in my iced coffee every morning. I woke up in pain today, for example, and felt some relief within about an hour due to the anti-inflammatory effects of these mushrooms. I think they have also helped with my brain fog. Recently, I stopped taking these tinctures for about 5 days and I felt really awful, so I know they're making a difference. If you're dealing with something that makes doctors scratch their heads, I highly recommend trying these supplements. They've made a noticeable difference for me and I'll continue to buy them. As I told my doctor when she said there was nothing she could think of to try anymore, "It's mushroom time!" She approves.


Bought the set here and still waiting to see if it has any effects…. Hopefully see something soon.

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